Research Mentors

GAL undertakes an interdisciplinary approach to research guided by multiple research mentors across the College of Business, including:

Abdullahi Dahir Ahmed

Abdullahi D. Ahmed is an Associate Professor in Wealth Management at the School of Accounting, College of Business, RMIT University.  Associate Professor Ahmed’s research interest spans issues in microstructure of financial markets, risk and portfolio management and impacts of financial-technology innovations in developing economies.

Craig Deegan

Craig is Professor of Financial Accounting within the School of Accounting.  Craig’s major research area is the area of social and environmental accountability.

Steven Dellaportas

Steven Dellaportas is a Professor of Accounting and Deputy Head, Research and Innovation, School of Accounting.  Research interests include Management Accounting and Ethics and Governance.

Gerrit de Waal

Gerrit is an expert in Design Thinking and The Lean Start-up methodologies that increasingly find application in corporate Australia. Gerrit is also a passionate researcher in the area of innovation management.

Mark Leenders

Professor Mark Leenders is Deputy Head, Research and Innovation, Graduate School of Business and Law.  His research focuses on new product development and market success in this changing arena.

Alan Lowe

Professor Alan Lowe publishes regularly in academic journals across accounting, management and information systems. He has an interest in interdisciplinary work and enjoys being involved in research across different disciplines. His focus has always been on real world investigation using mainly case research and interviews.

Laura Maran

Dr Laura Maran is a Senior Lecturer in Accounting. She has integrated academic learning with practical experiences in her courses and is an advocate of visualisation practices to respond to industry demand for 21st century graduates.

Brendan O’Connell

Brendan O’Connell is a Professor in the School of Accounting.  His research areas are corporate governance, corporate scandals, earnings management, ethics and accounting education.

Lee Parker

Professor Parker is a Professor in Accounting.  Professor Parker is heavily committed to supporting supervisory teams, serving advisory roles to School of Accounting staff researchers and PhD students, and mentoring research projects across the school.

Shelley Marshall

Dr Marshall is a cross-disciplinary scholar whose research focusses on the disciplines of law, political science, and regulatory and development studies. Her research has informed labour law reform in several countries and the policies of the International Labour Organisation regarding informal, precarious workers.

Adela McMurray

Professor Adela McMurray has academic and industrial experience in manufacturing and service industries. She has over 82 publications, won best author and teacher awards, research grants totalling over $2.5 million, is an editorial advisory board member for numerous journals and chairs the International Theme Committee at the Academy of Management.

Nava Subramaniam

Professor Nava Subramaniam’s research interests include auditing, corporate social responsibility, internal audit, enterprise risk management, corporate governance, accounting education, and management accounting controls.

Monica Tan

Dr Monica Tan is Deputy Head, School Finance Discipline.  Her research interests are in corporate governance, corporate ownership and control, board of director’s practice, corporate internal control, superannuation funds governance and Asian business.

Eva Tsahuridu

Eva Tsahuridu is an ethics and policy expert who has been researching and teaching business and professional ethics for over two decades.

Penelope Weller

Associate Professor Weller is Director, Juris Doctor Programs in the Graduate School of Business and Law.  Her research area is in mental health law and supervision interests are in convention on the rights of person with disabilities; mental health advance directives, coercion and recovery, therapeutic jurisprudence, mental health tribunals, comparative law, regulatory governance.

Prem Yapa

Prem Yama is Associate Professor in the School of Accounting, his research areas are in accounting profession in ASEAN, management accounting, cross cultural issues in accounting, accounting education, accounting in oil exporting countries, environmental accounting and public sector accounting.