About GAL


GAL’s vision is to advance the discovery and application of knowledge that accelerates innovative, agile and effective governance and accountability systems that support sustainable and responsible economic, social and environmental performance.
Its mission is to facilitate the translation of research into practice that leads to sustainable and responsible economic, social and environmental impacts. It will achieve and to contribute to regulatory and public policy development and reforms in the areas of governance, accountability and law. 


  • Cultivate an interdisciplinary and dynamic research environment that promotes entrepreneurial spirit, fosters critical thinking and integrates real world problems;
  • Undertake research that creates knowledge and solves problems that lead to economic and social innovation and change;
  • Develop academic and research collaborations with professional bodies, industry and community that is inclusive and proactive; and
  • Support the development of agile, innovative governance solutions through adopting multidisciplinary research approaches and informed by reflective knowledge drawn from historical analysis.


  • Excellence
    Researchers strive for excellence in all research pursuits.
  • Relevance and Problem Solving
    Identify emergent issues of relevance and aim to problem solve.
  • Ethical, Inclusive and being Accountable
    Respect the rights of all stakeholders, undertake research ethically and be accountable.
  • Pursuit of Innovation and Impact
    Be inspired by innovation, creativity for impact outcomes.